City Data
Interactive map that offers a wide variety of demographic information for city neighborhoods.

Community Indicators Initiative of Spokane
This initiative seeks to improve public decision-making locally by providing relevant data in an easily-navigable website. The data offers neutral information for all parties involved in public policy issues in the areas of culture and recreation, economics, education, environment, health, housing, people, public safety, and transportation.

Spokane Regional Health District Data Center
Staff compile data reports for the community to create awareness around the social determinants of health, health disparities, and vulnerable populations. For instance, here is a Plan to Address Health Equity: Community Health Assessment Planning Process.

Eastern Washington University Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis
The institute was created in 2002 to provide data and analysis about a variety of factors in the region that will be useful for businesses, communities and others as they plan for the future. Check out this Data Set Directory of social determinants of health at the local level.


Spokane Counts Indicator Grid (health disparities)

Spokane Counts Demographics and Social Characteristics

Odds Against Tomorrow – Health Inequities in Spokane County

Access and Functional Needs – Data about Spokane’s Most Vulnerable Population

Using Maps to Promote Health Equity